Travel insurance covers different potential mishaps from expensive bills for emergency medical treatment abroad and lost belongings, to flight delays and having to cancel or cut short your getaway. It is essential to buy it as soon as you book your holiday.

Quick guide to travel insurance

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How much do you know about travel insurance?

  • You want to book a holiday for the whole family. Can you get travel insurance which will cover everyone under one policy?

  • You book a hotel for your holiday and then the company goes bust. Does your travel insurance cover this?

  • You are diagnosed with diabetes after booking your holiday. Do you need to tell your travel insurance provider?

  • You get the opportunity to go scuba diving on the last day of your holiday. Does your travel insurance cover this?

  • Your suitcase gets lost on the flight out and you have to buy clothes and toiletries for the first couple of days until your suitcase arrives. Does your travel insurance cover this?

What you need to know about travel Insurance:

  1. What does travel insurance cover me for?
  2. Why do I need travel insurance?
  3. Does travel insurance cover me for dangerous, extreme or adventure sports?
  1. Report lost or stolen belongings to the local police within 24 hours.
  2. Call your insurer to report an incident as soon as possible.
  3. Don't go ahead with medical treatment until your insurer says so.