Home insurance protects your home and its contents. It is essential to enable you to recover financially in the event of an unforeseen event such as a fire or theft. There are two parts to home insurance, buildings insurance which covers the structure and fittings of your home, while house contents covers your possessions.

Home insurance made simple

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How much do you know about home insurance?

  • Underfloor heating offers a convenient way to heat small rooms. Does your home insurance cover this if it stops working?

  • You move home in the middle of your policy. Can you take your insurance with you?

  • Your child is playing in the house and accidentally throws a ball at the TV and breaks it. Does your insurance cover this?

  • Your computer breaks and you are unable to access any of the digital downloads on it. Does your insurance cover this?

  • The roof to your house develops a leak and over time this causes damage to the decorations to the room below. Does your insurance cover this?

What you need to know about Home Insurance:

  1. What does home insurance cover?
  2. How much contents insurance should I have?
  3. What is buildings insurance?